How To Earn On Nakampay


Nakampay has two types of earning method which includes 1, The comment to earn[Registration and Upgrading Free] and 2, Stipend earning.


You read, comment and share sponsored post every day to earn.

How To Earn On Nakampay

Registration and Upgrading is now free.

*Post on your Facebook timeline 👉#100 x 1

*Subscribe, like or watch YouTube video for 60secs 👉#100 x 1

*Share twitter post on your twitter wall👉#100 x 1

*Read/Comment on news 👉 #10 x 10

*Minimum withdrawal for activity earners is :👉#3500

Withdraw your earnings every end of month and get paid within 24 hours into your bank account.

How Nakampay Also Works

*A secret code will be given to every registered member to enable them open the starting of each sponsored post ( for the FB, YouTube and Twitter )

*It is mandatory that you must join our facebook group because that is where you’re going to be posting the statement of all your payment.

Join our facebook group click the link below :


How To Post On Facebook

👉Get your secret code, unlock and copy the post then click on the facebook icon to share it on your timeline. make sure you paste what you copied before clicking the send button. copy the shared post link and come back to the site to submit it.

👉Go to your account dashboard , scroll down and click on ””
A box will open then fill your details therein

👉On title: you write FB, date and your username ::FB, 12/04/2020, Amara.

👉On category: you chose gossip

👉Then on the main content area just click on the *insert/edit* button from the editor keyboard , a small container will pop out then place the link you copied from the FB post and click once on the small arrow on that space.That’s it

👉Then click on the submit post button and you will be credited after thorough checking.

*Warning* It is mandatory that you must follow all the link that the site place on every area when getting your secret code and sharing each post. If you manoeuvre any link you may not be paid month end because the links and the ads on it is where the site will generate money to pay you.

*So dodging any link is an offence*

*Be warned because every member is being monitored*




Nakampay Stipend is a system that has been organized to alleviate chronic poverty in our society, there by helping students, housewives and jobless individuals to earn a living.

With only #200 you can make as much as you can through easy online spreading between one or two subscribers of the system.

Requirements: With just #200 one time payment, you are on a journey of making 5000 every week.

You said how?
You will register with #200 and bring 3 people to register with your link then that’s all and you will be systematically moved from stage 1 to another without any other payment or referral.
We have only 2 stages for now so that people will earn fast without any delay.

You will understand this the more by studying the matrix plan stated below


We have only 2 stages for now, so that people will earn fast within a short period of time.

💰 Stipend Stage 1
Level A. 3x ₦50= ₦150
Level B. 9x ₦39 = ₦351
Total Earning: ₦501

💰Stipend Stage 2
Level A. 3x ₦150 = ₦450
Level B. 9x ₦123 = ₦1107
Total Earnings: ₦1557

Minimum withdrawal is #500
Once you complete the stage 2 your money will automatically be transferred in to the account you provided.


For Registration Send

Phone number
Email Address


Nakampay coupon code is available at the rate of 200naira


Check the available listed names of Coupon vendors and purchase your pin to start earning while you can.